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Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz, USA

Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz - USA

Author, teacher and public speaker on Specialized Kinesiology

Degrees in Montessori and Elementary Ed.

DOB: March 21, 1943

1972-Received Masters of Education degree from Trenton State / NJ University now)

1981-1983-received preschool and elementary degrees in Montessori Education

1986-2017-studied and taught Specialized Kinesiology

1988-awarded a diploma as a Wellness Facilitator for Three in One Concepts

1990-established Carol Ann Hontz, International, Inc.

1991-1999-taught doctors Specialized Kinesiology in Moscow, Russia ( lectured: University of Moscow & Education Department in Russian Parliament)

1992-2017-taught over 16,000 specialized kinesiology students in Europe (The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Portugal) USA and Canada

1993-Teacher of the Year award from Trenton State College (University of New Jersey)

1994-founded the Foundation for Integrated Education to support Montessori Preschools and specialized kinesiology in Hungary

1995-2000-lectured for Prague City Council, Charles University, Montessori Conferences

1990, 1994, 2009-authored and published three books: “Infinite Potential”, “Inner Treasures”, “Goodbye Stress, Hello Happiness”

2003-awarded Teacher Emeritus from Three in One Concepts Kinesiology Center

2005-awarded Advanced Toastmasters degree (International Communication Program)

2010-lecture at the International Convention for Specialized Kinesiology, Hungary

2011-2012-lectures and seminars at the UN in Vienna, Austria

2011-lectures at the Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

2015-2019 Seminars/lectures in the USA and Europe: focus:Metamorphosis-Kinesiology

2019-Consultant for The Goulding Process- Sleep Talk

2020-International Association of Counsellors Therapists (IACT)

Recording of oral presentation by Carol Ann Hontz at the World Health Congress 2021 Prague:

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