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Prof. Dr. Bruno Renzi, Italy

Prof. Dr. Bruno Renzi - Italy

Director of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International (MCPHI)

Degree in Medicine and Surgery, specialization in psychiatry

Former first level manager of Department of Mental Health Hospital, University Centre Luigi Sacco, The Psychiatry I

Former responsible Centre for Integrated Psycho-somatic and Functional Medicine, Psychiatry I

Former responsible Smoking Cessation Center, Hospital – University Centre Luigi Sacco

Former Coordination Center Stress Related Disorders, Hospital – University Centre Luigi Sacco, Psychiatry II

Prof. a.c. Psychiatric Rehabilitation General I, Psychiatry II, Polo Universitario Luigi Sacco

Lecturer at the Maharishi Ayurvedic University

1982, Italy – Stage at the Cathexis Institute in Oakland, California Rehabilitative treatment of patients with schizophrenia with methodology reparenting

1984 – 1985, Internship full-time in-command at the following universities:
• Maharishi International University, Iowa, USA
• Natural Law University, Washington, USA
• Gujirat Ayurvedic University, Jamnagar, India (Study of the integration between basic principle of traditional medicines and neuroscience)

1985 – Inauguration of eight centers of Ayurvedic Medicine, courses on prevention and health education in the following cities:
• USA: Hawaii Honolulu, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara
• Canada: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton

2003 – 2006, President of the Italian Society of Maharishi Ayurveda

2008 – 2011, Responsible for teaching the three-year course for Maharishi Ayurveda doctors

1991, Italy – Provincial Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Institute

1991 – Ayurvedic Advanced Course for Physicians in Psychiatric Diseases, Maharishi Ayurveda International, Laag Soeren, Holland

Psychotherapist transactional analysis oriented. He underwent eight years of personal developmental training.

Master in NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming

Master in Hypnosis – Bandler and Grinder Association

Master in Hypnosis – Academy of Coach

Previous teaching at AMIA (Italian Antiaging Medical Association) since 2007.

He has made several lectures in regional and para-university structures.

Responsible for Ayurveda Maharishi in Italy

Director of the Ayurveda Maharishi Health and Prevention center in Milan

Responsible for the creation of Maharishi College for Perfect Health in Italy

Co-Director of Maharishi College for Perfect Health International, Vlodrop, Holland

Faculty member at Maharishi International University and responsible of Masters in Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine - Italy

He has published several scientific papers.

Different papers published within the IMAVF magazine.

For years present on several national television networks.

Speaker and coordinator in various national and international conferences.

Raja of Milano – Raja for Global Health in collaboration with Ministry of health – Raja Responsible for creation of MAV College for Perfect Health in Italy

Some articles are present in the following books:
The Territories of Alchemy, Jung and beyond – Ed. Moretti
The Manifest of Long Life. The Revolution of Predictive Medicine – Ed. Sperling and Kupfer
Beyond the Labyrinth – Paths in Complementary Medicine – Ed. Caliber
The White Book of Stress in Milan – Ed. Franco Angeli

Author of the following books:
Anima, conversazioni irreali – Ed. Anima, 2009
Stress ed Autoipnosi – Ed. Anima, 2013
La mente in Ayurveda – Ed. Anima, 2018
The Mind in Ayurveda – Ed. Anima, 2020


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