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Doc. PhDr. Eva Křížová, Ph.D.

Doc. PhDr. Eva Křížová, Ph.D. - Czech Republic

Eva Křížová, PhD, is associate professor at Charles University affiliated with the 3rd Medical Faculty, and now with the Protestant Theological Faculty. She is medical sociologist currently active in social work. She was the principal investigator of several research projects on alternative, complementary and unconventional medicine and has published monographs and scientific articles on CAM (Alternativní medicína jako problém, 2004, Alternativní medicína v ČR, 2015, Alternative Medicine: A Dispute on Truth, Power or Money? In: Rehmann-Sutter, Ch., Düwell, M., Mieth, D. (eds.), Bioethics in Cultural Contexts. Dordrecht: Springer 2006. pp. 197-210). She coordinated international courses funded in frame of Erasmus Intensive Programmes on CAM (2009-2011 INCCAR Integrating complementary care in a responsive health care system).

Contribution to the Videocongress on 20 June 2020

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