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Jesper Odde Madsen

Jesper Odde Madsen - Denmark

Science journalist and communication consultant with focus on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Jobs and non-profit tasks in the field since 1998. Educational background: The Danish School of Journalism + The University of Copenhagen.

Living in the western part of Denmark, close to the city of Aarhus. Working independently in the one-man business “Jesper Madsen communication”. Running a non-profit website and newsletter about CAM:

Relevant assignments and positions:

  • Professional Affiliate of The Galileo Commission & the Scientific and Medical Network.
  • Participant in The CAMbrella network, funded under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme, FP7. A European research network on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2010-2012, parts of the network still active.
  • Coordinator of the Danish community group affiliated with IONS
  • Author of the books “Alternative treatment – medical practice in transformation”, and “The Alternative Landscape” (In Danish).
  • Board member of the Danish Association of Science Journalists.
  • Past:
    • Editor of the official national website on CAM (Danish Patient Safety Authority).
    • Knowledge and research Centre for Alternative Medicine (Danish government).
    • Danish Society for Medical Acupuncture.
Recording of oral presentation by Jesper Odde Madsen at the World Health Congress 2021 Prague:

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