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Maximilian Moser, PhD, Prof for Physiology, Austria

Maximilian Moser, PhD - Austria

Prof for Physiology

Human Research Institute, Weiz and Medical University of Graz

Born August 16th, 1956 in Klagenfurt, Austria, I studied biology and human physiology in Graz, Austria. After an assistant professorship at the Physiological Institute in Graz I was visiting assistant professor in the UVA (University of Virginia, Dept of Biomedical Engineering) in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1988.

In the 1990 I took part as Principal Investigator of the Austrian-Russian „Austro-Mir“ spaceflight mission in several medical experiments, among them sleep and cardiovascular studies, coordinating a team of 20 coworkers and ccoperated until 2000 with the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow, Russia. Sleep studies and monitoring in six further space missions, among which was the longest manned spaceflight ever (more than 14 months) followed. Sleep and cardiovascular parameters of all Russian cosmonauts were measured using our equipment during the 1990ties.

Since 1991 I am associate professor for physiology in Graz at the Chair of Physiology, Medical University of Graz. 1999 I founded the Institute of NonInvasive Diagnosis of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a governmental institution for applied research, which since 2010 became the „Human Research Institute for Health Technology and Prevention Research“. Here we use all our basic research experience and knowledge in applied projects to create scientific health indicators and guidelines and programs for better health based on chronobiology and stress and sleep research. Sleep and autonomic nervous system regulation and improvement are in the center of our research fields.


Besides teaching medical and natural science students in chronobiology, Medical Physiology as well as Psychoneuroimmunology, my key interest are the interaction of human organ systems, their chronobiological interplay and integration and the self-organisation of body functions, especially during sleep and phases of relaxation and recuperation.

Publications and Books

120 papers in reviewed scientific journals, 500 scientific lectures co-author of 3 books in German, translated into several languages: Chronobiology und Chronomedicine, 1998; Wachsen am Widerstand - Adaptive Resilienz, 2015; Vom richtigen Umgang mit der Zeit, 2017

Research Projects and institutions supporting (Examples)

International – Austrian Ministry for Science and Research, European Community Projects, EC Horizon 2020 project COSMOS
National – Austrian National Bank Science Fund, Austrian Research Fund (FWF), Austrian General Accident Insurance (AUVA) – 4 scientific projects, FFG – 12 different projects


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