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Mgr. Miloslava Rutová, Czech Republic

Mgr. Miloslava Rutová - Czech Republic

Facilitator and Therapist of One Brain Kinesiology

Facilitator and Therapist in One Brain Kinesiology Method, Methods of Transformation and therapist of Family Constellations.

She collaborated with the founders of the One Brain Kinesiology Method, Daniel Whiteside, Gordon Stokes, Carol Ann Hontz. Founder of private kinesiology consultation centre and Elpida School in Pilsen. Since 2010 member of the Three in One Faculty for the Czech Republic. A student of Austrian lecturers, Mr. And Mrs. Polívka, in the field of Family Constellations, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (since 2016).

She was born in northwest Bohemia two years after the World War II ended. She graduated from high school and from the library school and took a job. She felt an urgent need to help people. She found herself in working with disabled children. While working, she studied and graduated from Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem and Special Education from Charles University in Prague. She was armed with theoretical knowledge, but how can she really help those unfortunate people around who don‘t know what to do with their lives? And then, in 1994, One Brain Kinesiology entered her life. Kinesiology leads to love not only for itself and its surroundings, but for all living on Earth. She had the honor to meet and collaborate with founders of this method, Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stokes. Her first teacher was Carol Ann Hontz. Since this meeting, her life has taken a different direction. She studied the method, started applying it intensively, giving lectures in various Czech towns and teaching it. She established a kinesiology consultation centre in Pilsen, where she worked with her husband Jiří Racek, and which still operates today

She became a representative of the Three In One Faculty with the right to teach even the highest levels of the One Brain course. Her school Elpida has been attended by people not only from the Czech Republic, but also from all over Europe. She found working with people incredibly fulfilling and she felt it was her task in this world. She thanks every day for being able to meet kinesiology.

Another effective method of helping people, that she uses, is Family Constellations Method. She completed a three-year training of Family Constellations with Austrian lecturers, Mr. And Mrs. Polívka.

In 2014 she was elected to the City Council of Pilsen and in 2016 she became a Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. She worked in the Social Policy Committee and in the Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. She was a member of the Government Council for Seniors and Population Ageing at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Recording of oral presentation by Miloslava Rutová at the World Health Congress 2021 Prague:

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