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Nandu Goswami, MD, PhD, MME

Nandu Goswami, MD, PhD, MME - Austria

Acting Head, Division of Physiology, Medical University of Graz
Dr Nandu Goswami in his laboratory
Dr Nandu Goswami in his laboratory

Assoc. Prof Priv Doz. Goswami is a Medical doctor with a PhD in cardiovascular and integrative physiology. He is interested in cardiovascular regulation across perturbations such as central hypovolemia, orthostasis, tilt table testing, lower body negative pressure as well as during syncope. He uses the combined HUT + LBNP device to achieve syncope; during this time hemodyamics and cerebral autoregulation are studied.

Dr Goswami combines integrative and complementary medicine into mainstream medical education criteria. His interests include teaching undergraduate and graduate students the importance of the holistic medicine approach. He co-ordinates “Integrative and complementary medicine: Evidence based medicine” biweekly seminars with other experts in integrative medicine at the Medical University of Graz. Thus the medical students get to understand the perspectives of integrative and complementary medicine in modern medicine. Gender and aging differences are incorporated in his research. He compares the data in our healthy subjects with those of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or stroke patients.

He is acting head of Physiology Division and head of the research unit “Gravitational Physiology, Aging and Medicine” at the Medical University of Graz, Austria and holds a 40% position as a researcher at Alma Mater Europea Maribor. Cardio-postural interactions, which contribute to falls and orthostatic intolerance during postural changes, are extensively studied in his laboratory (including continuous assessment of hemodynamic parameters, skeletal muscle activity in the calf, blood flow in the lower limbs and how all these aspects are correlated to cerebral blood flow). As orthostatic intolerance is a clinical problem as well as a major problem in spaceflight, Dr Goswami combines clinical research related to syncope, autonomic function and falls with spaceflight research and examines how exercise or physical activity can improve orthostatic intolerance, a common problem in spaceflight and aging.

Dr Goswami is one of the co-ordinators involved in action groups that are geared towards the prevention of falls in the elderly (European Innovative Partnership Active and Healthy Aging, EIP-AHA, Action GROUP 2). This action group examines falls prevention via understanding mechanisms contributing to falls in the elderly, developing countermeasures, mathematical modeling as well as development of biomarkers that can be used in vascular health assessment.

Dr Goswami has published over 112 papers in peer reviewed impact factor journals.

Recording of oral presentation by Nandu Goswami at the World Health Congress 2021 Prague:

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