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Nora Laubstein, President of ANME e.v., Germany

Nora Laubstein - Germany

President of ANME e.v.

Born in Berlin, 1958 – study of Ethnology in Frankfurt and Hamburg; several explorations in South America; work in the field of ambulant care for old and disabled persons; from 1993 until 1995 education and examination as a German Heilpraktikerin. Since 1995 practice in this liberal professional in the field of Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN).

Additionally honorable work as:

  • a) board member of the „SEKOS-Gelnhausen for self-improvement e.V.”,
  • b) in the board of the health professional organization „Union Deutscher Heilpraktiker- Hessen e.V.“,
  • c) president of the 130-years-old patients organization „Deutscher Naturheilbund e.V.“ and
  • d) president and founding member of the „Association for Natural Medicine in Europe e.V.“ since 2007.

Honored by the German “Foundation for Environment and Democracy, Bonn” as “ÖKOLOGIA-2020”

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Nora Laubstein, President of ANME e.v., Germany
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