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Stephan Hein

Stephan Hein - United Kingdom

Holistic Health & Well-being Practitioner
Teacher, Higher Ground Leadership Coach, Musician

Works at the Hale Clinic, London,

Bio and CV:

Stephan Hein is a holistic health & well-being practitioner who feels passionate about the healing arts for personal transformation and creative growth. For this he draws on different modalities, including complementary therapies (naturopathy, mind-body massage and bodywork, shiatsu, REIKI, craniosacral therapy, chakra energy healing), therapeutic Yoga, transformational life coaching (Higher Ground Leadership), music and art therapy.

This diverse portfolio and utilising what he learns from his own journey of healing, he pioneers an integrated well-being model he calls “The medicine of creative consciousness”. It is an innovative project that speaks to body, mind and soul alike, offering inspiring tools that can teach us how to use our human faculties of awareness and consciousness more intentionally for deep and transformational healing, creative self-mastery and the healing of community.

Stephan is a member of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) for ITS (Indian Traditional Healing Sciences) in Houses of Parliament in London in the UK. He is an NHS (National Health Service) approved therapeutic Yoga teacher, looking into body/mind/soul integration for personal and collective well-being. Stephan is based in London, and is connected to the Hale Clinic in Harley Street, Europe’s largest centre of complementary therapies.

Personal journey:

Born in Germany in 1959, Stephan already felt called at an early age to explore his life beyond the cultural conditions offered by his home country. He travelled to India at the age of 18 for his first big adventure away from home which in its wake became a life altering experience. A transformational spiritual awakening made him understand on an existential level that a meaningful life is continuously born and shaped by ALL of our experience, in every eternal moment of time.

This insight led him to his deeper life purpose and kindled his passion for the study of human life in its resourceful and creative potential and using it for healing and wholeness in every aspect of living.

Forty years on, this passion goes on to find expansive ways of creative growth and is expressed in the portfolio outlined above. Life’s journey has taken Stephan to many places and destinations in the outer & inner realities of existence. Following the voice of his inner calling Stephan gives his time – beside the continuous evolution of his work - to walking, cycling & travel, meditation, study, spiritual evolution, friends & family and the exploration into music, arts and the humanities as an agent for healing and change.

Recording of oral presentations by Stephana Hein at the World Health Congress 2021 Prague:

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