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Suzanne Ruggles, United Kingdom

Suzanne Ruggles - United Kingdom

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Founder CEO at Full Circle Fund Therapies

Suzanne gained a Masters of Science (MSc) in Health Science from St George's Medical School, University of London. Following a diagnosis of SLE (Lupus) she studied the science of mind-body medicine including Harvard Medical School in the science of the Relaxation Response and Positive Psychology.  She holds qualifications in energy medicine (bio-energy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reflexology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She has a long term practice in chi kung, mindfulness, relaxation response techniques, and a deeply held personal interest in 'food as medicine'.  Professionally, she set up the first ever integrative therapy programme for haematology and bone marrow transplantation at St George's University Hospital, London - one of the largest hospitals in Europe.   She established her non-profit Full Circle Fund Therapies to develop, evidence and provide highly skilled Full Circle integrative therapy practitioners for some of the most complex areas in medicine, including paediatric intensive care, bone marrow transplantation, haematology, oncology and neurosurgery.  To date, her work has delivered over 35,000 integrative therapy treatments in hospital. Since 2003 she championed the need for holistic care for marginalised haematology patients with Sickle Cell Disorder, establishing the UK's first paediatric-transition-to-adulthood integrative therapy support pathway for this patient group.  In the Covid pandemic she hosted the first ever global conference on 'Nutrition in Sickle Cell Disorder'.  She has received numerous awards including the prestigious NHS Exceptional Award for her work developing the UK's first integrative therapy project for haematology and bone marrow transplantation, and she and her Full Circle Therapies Team were joint winners of the Myeloma UK National Award for Patient Care.  In 2018 she successfully established Full Circle’s second NHS project for cancer patients at University Hospitals Sussex, Brighton with a third project currently underway.    She is an accomplished speaker and lectures widely including St George's Medical School; National and International conferences and the All-Party-Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Integrated Healthcare, Westminster (2019). She has written a highly acclaimed memoir 'Coming Full Circle: A Journey to the Edge of Life and Back' (2019) which charts her journey towards establishing Full Circle: from a childhood vision to surviving a near death experience (NDE) caused by meningitis. (author site)


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